Jonah was shot on a theater stage, because, at the time, there wasn’t any budget for visual effects. It was shot with blue lights on a white backdrop and originally was going to be left that way. When I saw the footage I thought we might be able to do something with it so I did some tests that showed what might be possible and we got the got ahead. It was a daunting task with blue costumes on a blue background with blue lights and blue fog, but somehow we made it happen. We used zone keying to remove the different shades of blue in different areas of the background, and when that didn’t work we did hundreds of hours of roto, or tracing the outlines frame by frame. Total: 45min VFX shots. before: after: (matte painting and composite) before: (blue background with blue costumes and blue lights = roto) after: (3d digital environment and composite) before: after: (3d digital environment and compositing) before: after: (matte painting and compositing) before: after: (3d backdrop and compositing) Darin Andersen: Visual Effects Supervisor, compositing, matte painting/3D environments, roto C. Alex Johnson: Lead 3D animator,compositing, roto Alleta Andersen: roto Pre-Production concept sketches for scenes not used in the Movie: