• Waterfall


    compositing breakdown:¬†waterfall 3d breakdown: For Lumenasa Animation Studios Designpoet: VFX supervisor, concept art, compositing. Alex Johnson, 3d matchmove, 3d animation, fluid dunamics.   Concept art:   Raw plate:

  • Juggling Elephants

    Juggling Elephants

    (Animations start at 1 min.) Juggling Elephants is a business training course that we illustrated with animations. I designed and choreographed, and yes, that’s me in the red suit. Darin Andersen: VFX Supervisor, matte painting, 2d animation, compositor C. Alex Johnson: 3d and 2d animation Pure awesomeness: Stills:

  • VIA eREVolution

    VIA eREVolution

    DesignPoet: Vtrux logo, 3d animation compositing, dash controller graphics DesignPoet: NY,DC,UT Videography, Vtrux logo, compositing   DesignPoet: editing, UT Videography, compositing   C. Alex Johnson: 3D Animation DesignPoet: VFX Supervisor, compositing

  • Merry Christmas 2011: Bethany Christian Services

    Merry Christmas 2011: Bethany Christian Services

    Design by Blue North Strategies DesignPoet: Pen & Ink Illustration and transition animations

  • Dignitas: Be a Spark of Change

    Dignitas: Be a Spark of Change

    Video: Blue North Strategies DesignPoet:¬†Particle effects