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  • Alienate


    DesignPoet VFX: Digital re-lights Smoke Muzzle flashes blood splats wire removal Multi-plane reflection paint-outs Crew and traffic removal sky replacement background replacement Matte painting of tunnel blinking lights in tunnel 3D model and texture of UFO and probe ships. Lighting Enhancement: SkyReplacement Tracked Matte painting & traffic removal Muzzle flash […]

  • Back To Blocks Promo

    Back To Blocks Promo

    Promo for Back to Blocksbacktoblocks.comDirector: Wendy Santiano ( of Photography/Editor: Roderick A. Santiano ( Block Structures/Compositing: Darin Andersen ( Format/Camera: HD/Canon C100 3D model, Texture, Render, and Composite 3D model, Texture, Render, and Composite

  • PR3PE: Love Letter Music Video

    PR3PE: Love Letter Music Video

    Artist: PR3PE Director and DP: Lindsay Adler (Lindsay Adler Fashion Photography) Stylist: Lisa Smith Craig (4 Seasons Style Management) Video Editor, Colorist, VFX, Matte Painting/Illustration: Darin Andersen (DesignPoet) I’m a video editor and visual effects artist for indie films, and I’m often required to match or reinterpret different styles. For […]

  • Jonah and the Great Fish

    Jonah and the Great Fish

    Jonah was shot on a theater stage, because, at the time, there wasn’t any budget for visual effects. It was shot with blue lights on a white backdrop and originally was going to be left that way.

  • Juggling Elephants

    Juggling Elephants

    (Animations start at 1 min.) Juggling Elephants is a business training course that we illustrated with animations. I designed and choreographed, and yes, that’s me in the red suit. Darin Andersen: VFX Supervisor, matte painting, 2d animation, compositor C. Alex Johnson: 3d and 2d animation Pure awesomeness: Stills: