DesignPoet: Production Design, digital environments, compositing, color correction

VFX breakdown:
City backgrounds: After Effects camera mapping of stock photos.
VideoCopilot Element 3d backgrounds: (made mostly in SketchUp with 3dWarehouse models, Modo for cleanup on some bad 3d warehouse geometry, CrazyBump for generating normal maps from textures, Photoshop:
- The “white room” – Element 3D particles
- the well and well door – Element 3D using a sketchup model
- raindrops from crystal tree – Element 3D particles
- african village: wood posts and bowls- Element 3D using a sketchup model
- sailboat replacement and mast – Element 3D using a 3d warehouse model cleaned up in Modo.
- crystal river – Element 3D particles
- crystal cave – Element 3D particles on a 3d warehouse model cave cleaned up in Modo.
Sail 3d displacement: Freeform
Keying: mostly Primatte, some Keylight
Color: skin softening and custom looks in Magic Bullet Looks